Monday, January 2, 2012

Swappin' Tales


Since I am still on break for another week, I am spending a lot of time browsing the internet for great deals, especially books. Like most teachers I LOVE books and though my class library is bursting I am always on the lookout for great new read alouds and copies of my "old favorites."

(Speaking of "old favorites": Does your class moan, groan, mumble or even shout when you read them a book they are already familiar with? Mine always does until I introduce the routine of saying, "Thumbs UP if this is an old favorite! Put your thumb up if you have read this book, have it at home, know someone who does, heard it in preschool, saw the movie, or otherwise are familiar with it in any way!" Then when all the little thumbs are UP like a little thumb forest I say "A book that we already know is called an OLD FAVORITE.... we like to read OLD FAVORITES over and over again because we LOOOOVE them." This quiets them down pretty quickly and you can get on with reading the darn story.)

Last year I came upon a fantastic website called Paperback Swap. Basically you can post copies of books you own (they can be hardbacks too) that you are willing to "swap". Then when someone requests your book you mail it out to them (book rate - usually under $3.00) and you get a book credit. You can in turn request one book for every credit you accrue and it will be mailed to you! This is an AWESOME way to cull your book stash and get your hands on some titles you've been hankering for.

If the book you are looking for is not available for swap, you can put it on your Wish List and they will notify you when someone posts it. Or they give you a linky straight to Amazon so you can buy it :)

I have been using Paperback Swap for a couple of months now and I just LOVE it. Of course it could be that I love getting stuff in the mail :) But I think it is a genius idea for teachers to build their class or professional library on the cheap.

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