Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Centers Today

Independent Center: cut, match, glue and color the hats on the snowmen. This worksheet is older than dirt, I had to go over it with a black pen in some places and add the large print instructions on the top. I think it might have originally been a ditto! Raise your hand if YOU are older than dirt and therefore remember dittos... particularly the smell.

Here's one I made up myself. Alphabet beads, pieces of pipe cleaner, and a simple worksheet: read, string, write. The beads are really tiny so good for fine motor. Also reinforces directionality and matching lower to upper case letters since the beads are capitals. Is that cool? Or confusing? The jury is still out but they did seem to be having fun.

Snowmen Counting Book, because we can't get enough number writing practice! Find this darling book here.

Snowman poem on a chart, here we practice tracking print. Again we track on our own poem on paper and then do a listening exercise, circling certain words in certain colors, then illustrate. Turned out cute!

And on the pocket chart, an easy book to review the sight word "can" (think assessments!) and to make it a little more challenging I sliced up the last word in each sentence and helped them re - assemble it, dealing the letters out like a hot game of Texas Hold 'Em.

That's all I got... and a pretty good poker face.

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