Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Kindergarten Art

Today I actually got a break from the Little Darlin's and got to observe at another school. Dang, I needed that!

We are researching the Transitional Kindergarten model and I was sent to check out a class about an hour from my school. I observed and snapped lots of pictures at the TK and then got to compare it with the regular K room right next door.

I have mixed feelings about TK. It's wonderful that they are creating this model to serve the "in-between" students in a more developmental way. But frankly I've been teaching these kids all along and if my school makes TK a "combo" class with regular Kindergarten then I can't figure out how the program is going to look all that different.

I do jump at the chance to get on my Developmental Soap Box though, and look forward to showing you all the hands - on, play - based activities I saw evidence of today.

And of course we just can't get enough Kinder Art now can we! BTW most of these projects came out of the book Art Really Teaches.

Looks like rainy day recess tomorrow. Dang.


  1. Kat,
    I am anxious to hear about your observations today! Last night I went to a meeting for prospective TK parents that my district held. I went to be a fly on the wall (which I was :). We saw photos from a TK classroom - it turns out it was the classroom you observed in today. With the budget issues, I have a feeling all TK classes will become TK / K combos and I too question how that is any different than what you have now. Hmmm ...

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