Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Centers Today

Inspired by this post. My centers are *not* as cute and inspired as Cindy's, but I'm working on it!

Also working on taking pictures with the iPhone that are NOT blurry.

I run five LA centers on Mondays and Wednesdays. This requires three parents. The parents here are VERY helpful and involved. Kindergarten parents are especially enthusiastic! But I have to train them intensively.

Five centers, 15 minutes each. No downtime for transitions, get up and move it on down the trail. This class can NOT sit around waiting for things to happen.

With me, we read a A Snowy Day. A good book for California kinders since at the end she finds out there is no snow... all melted lol I like to cut up the sentences and have them re - constuct them on the pocket chart. This is a Scholastic Seasonal Mini Books item. There are little books to color and practice independently.

For our independent center, good old sight words on a chalkboard. I used to give them donated mismatched socks to use as chalkboard erasers but no matter how clean or new they looked, I would always get "EEEEWWWWWW" like they were old and stinky so now I give them squares of felt. Um yeah. This will go into my book entitled Typical yet Unanticipated Reactions of Five Year Olds.

Stamping capital letters to match lower case. A freebie from Fran that I must have pulled off of Pinterest. Thanks Fran : ) I'm gonna get me a copy of Pete the Cat reeeeeal soon.

Number writing practice. We did this after completing a little book from our Math series, 5 Birds. OK confession: I cut and pasted this worksheet. So very, very much to learn in the technology area people. BUT please keep in mind that in college I wrote all my term papers on a typewriter.

And a little writing for MLK. A simple little worksheet about our personal dreams for the world. For after all let us not forget we are teaching the future.

Bless those little nose pickers.

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