Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mitten

We've read the story a bajillion times and so, now that we've committed it to meaningful memory, we get to act it out! I found all of the animals online so very very long ago. I printed them on cardstock and the lil darlin's colored them oh so carefully (no purple rabbits here puh-leez) and cut them out. We lay them out and I play the story on CD because if I have to read it one more time I'll scream it's fun and special to hear a different version, complete with music.

We put the animals in one by one... make sure the badger goes in the thumb... and... wait for it.....

AAAAAAACCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO! The best part is letting them throw all the characters up in the air when the bear sneezes; of course we don't lose any because we've put our names on the back of every. single. one.

And now the mittens have been retired. The animals are still snug inside and they look adorable hanging above our windows.

Do you do a mitten activity with your class?


  1. Kat,
    Love that the kiddos can act it out complete with the sneeze. Too funny!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    An Open Door

  2. Me again. I have been thinking about the idea of a combo TK /K class. (The way things are going, we all may end up with something like that.) Is it crazy to think of a schedule like this:
    8:00-11:30 Kinders
    10:00-1:00 TKs
    That way we would have the kinders alone for 2 hours, everyone together for 1 1/2 hours and the TKs alone for 1 1/2 hours. There are many different variations on this, so I am just making up one possibility. Seriously, am I crazy or might this work? I don't know if the powers that be in my district would go for it, but I want to think creatively to deal with a potential nightmare.
    An Open Door