Monday, February 13, 2012

All You Need Is Love

Bracing myself for a crazy sugared up kinda day tomorrow. If today's rainy indoor escapades are any indication I am in big trouble. It sure didn't feel like there were four people absent.

Last week we made Valentines with our third grade buddies. I just threw a bunch of doilies and stickers and paper at them and said go for it.

This is a very special group I have this year. I think they are probably a typical class but few non teachers could grasp what happens in this room, day after day: the laughter, the tears, the confusion, the synthesis. The good days are incredible and my heart bursts with love; the bad days are well, badder than you could imagine. The noise, the mess, the chaos can sweep you away if you are not awake and aware to the beauty and uniqueness of being five. Because beyond the projects and activities, we are making memories. Everyone remembers their Kindergarten teacher, right?

I always wanted to be a celebrity.

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