Monday, February 27, 2012

Come On Feel The Noise

This Noise O Meter is not even a little bit original.... it's been flying around the blogosphere for ages, but I thought you might like to see my version. The arrow is taped to a clothespin. The first thing my class wanted to know is how that arrow was able to move up and down and stay on the chart. They are so funny.

When I use this I ask the class to show me with their fingers what number the Noise O Meter is on. Then I ask them what that means. The pictures I used are just random Google Images. Nothing special but the pictures give the right impact.

One of my favorite times I like to use the Noise O Meter is transitioning from recess to indoors. I take it outside and show them the arrow on 4. Then they watch me move it up to 2 or 1. It gives them a clear sense of my expectations. For about a minute.

Question: How much noise do you tolerate in your classroom? Is it whisper quiet all the time? Or do you mind a little on - task, active learning noise? Don't mind the roar? I admit I am pretty tolerant of more noise than most teachers. It is at Big Boss's request that I ask for less developmentally appropriate volume rowdy banter most of the time. Asking Kinders to be hush hush all the live long day would wear me plumb out.

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  1. Hi My Friend! I have missed ya! I like it to be busy and appropriate noise for learning in kindergarten. Too quiet just isn't normal for young kids. They need to talk and share their thinking. I do ask for it to be quieter sometimes though depending on the activity.

    Your Noise-O-Meter is cute and very clear!