Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Day Another Dime

Guided reading with a little Valentine book called This Heart Says. It's all about conversation hearts. Been doing this one for about 100 years.... it is darling and basically goes like this:
This heart says HUG ME
This heart says BE MINE
This heart says CUTIE PIE
This heart says COOL DUDE
This heart says GOOD BYE
This heart says THE END

Dutifully we stamp, stamp, stamp our letters. We are going to know our capitals and lower case for sure thanks to Fran. I have bought so much of her work now and it is all excellent. This was a freebie from a ways back, sorry for the link lack.

Excuse me but this is THE cutest Valentine word work activity ever. I put a little card with the word inside each heart box along with letter tiles to spell it out. Read, build, write the word. LOVE (got it here)

Our mittens are all painted and hanging, waiting for the parade of animals when we re - tell The Mitten tomorrow. We can't wait!

Hope you had a great week.

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  1. Your conversation heart booklet looks adorable--do you have it to share or for purchase? I would love this for Tuesday, if so!