Monday, March 5, 2012

We Are Quiet As A Mouse

Have I mentioned how much my class likes to talk? Like talk talk talk talk talk until the cows come home. There is not much of an impression I can make on these Little Darlin's and yelling does no good at all. I actually told one of them today that my horse listens better than he does. Sad but true. Can't wait for the email from his Mom.

Of course the books will tell you to focus on positive behaviors and the other problems will magically disappear. With this in mind I created these little table signs. I ripped this off from a veteran teacher, she actually taught Kindergarten for FORTY YEARS yes you read that right. She had these adorable signs and I copied them shamelessly. I found the little mouse picture on Google Images and added the text, just glue sticked the whole shebang onto a tripod of pink paper. The pink paper is essential in the adorableness factor here, along with the yarn tail of each mouse (there is one on both sides). Of course your sweet little students will pull the darn thing off and you will have to replace it endlessly so be ready with extras.

I drop this little sign on the table that is being the most quiet. Sometimes it actually works. Anyway it does look adorable.


  1. Oh that is cute! I actually have a pretty quiet class except for my 2 new ones. My new boy is...well let's just say I'm filling out testing paperwork for him and leave it at that. So actually, I don't mind his talking so much, because I know he can't help it. My other new one...hmm not so much! She talks ALL the time! Mostly to herself now because everyone else has caught on to the fact that they will get in just as much trouble for listening as she will for talking! She has a story for everything and a wound or illness to match. I finally had to tell her I was not a dentist and refused to look at her gums any more. After about 20 repeats she finally moved on to a new woe - her bones ache now, of course they only ache when we are about to do work!

    I am going to try your signs, I had a voice meter but some little monster kept changing the clip to "Outside Voices" all the time so I took it down lol! I bet they'd love the mouse idea and maybe new girl would finally be quiet for a chance at a mousie on her table...either that or her tablemates will put enough peer pressure on her that she finally submits! Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. I also have an extremely talkative class. Doesn't help that I have 12 girls and 7 boys this year:( I so can deal with boy behavior over girl talking and drama! I use the clip system for behavior and on some days I can get them quiet just by catching some who are and asking them to clip up. Others realize and sometimes it works. Altough other days, not so much. I may have to try the mouse idea to see if it works. Thanks for sharing.

    Heather Shelton

    Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten